Play video inside frame instead of full screen?

Hi there,

Is there a way to play a video inside a frame instead of playing it full screen?

I have some animated graphs that I would like to play while the text in the frame is still visible. So I would like the video to take up only some of the screen instead of playing full screen, which it does now.

Thank you!

Hello Agent Ungenergi,

if I understand you correctly then Prezi on its own will not do this for you I’m afraid - however as a workaround you could screencast your animation and use a good video editor to do something like this.

The video could show your animation first as a part of the overall video width (same background colour maybe) allowing room for text to be put on before or after the video starts.

A frame would have to be used which is placed directly (and accurately) over the video to allow fade in of text if this is what you require - unfortunately the video will stop once you move to the next frame.

I have covered up the play bar using an image to prevent showing it during playback - you can still manipulate the layers within the frame (send to back etc).

  • not ideal but it may help you.



Hi John,

Thank you for the input! I could do video stuff like that with Final Cut Pro X. But am I right that there’s no way to insert text over/next to the video without stopping the video?

I want the video to play in the background, but I want to have control over when the text elements appear…


Hello Nikolaj,

unfortunately I dont think there is a way in the current Prezi editor using paths / frames. The only other way I can think of doing this would be to manually start the video when you get there - have no path point on the video and click the player start button.  When you have done this move to the next frame (placed directly on top) to fade in your text on top of it - - a bit sloppy but it should work.

You could of course have text come in alongside the animation as part of the video, but you would have to time it right on the day.

Sorry I cannot help further, maybe another user can come up with an idea for you?