Play videos without zooming in

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Currently it’s not possible to do so in Prezi, as your videos will automatically zoom to full screen. We’re not working on this feature yet, due to the reasons explained here.

I also recommend you to check the following workaround.

Hope this could help!

I want to be able to watch embedded youtube clips without it being full screen. For example, I would like to play the youtube clip while still viewing text on the Prezi slide so my students know what to look for during the video. Is there a way to do this?

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Could you please check the following reply?

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I do hope the priority for this feature can be bumped with the pandemic waning. Prezi Classic allowed it, and it has become one of the leading negatives to Prezi over Powerpoint of late. In Powerpoint, as you know videos can be used in all sorts of ways, and set to auto-play and they also play instantly. In Prezi not only do we have only the choice of zooming to the video, there is a very noticeable delay before video begins playing. And on top of that, videos just show black when you are editing them with no thumbnail, and you can’t even play them in the editor to figure out which video is which – you seem to have to go into present mode just to find that out. Putting videos in your library is near useless. I need to add text to the videos and group them with the text so I can work with them. It’s a big pain.

How to do instantaneous play? When moving through the presentation, when the cursor is on the prior animation, start loading the video and get to its first frame in the background, so that when I do get to the video (or frame with the video) it is already loaded and ready to play instantly.

Hello @Brad_Templeton, thanks for your feedback.

We understand how building this feature would add a lot to Prezi and your work, but our development resources are currently limited. We’ve added your vote to this request, as we continuously do, and will revisit it as soon as we have the capability. We understand your frustration, but due to these reasons, we cannot provide any kind of ETA for now.

In the meanwhile we recommend checking the following workaround.

If you use the presenter arrows in present mode, the video will automatically play without you needing to click on the play button. Please check out this screen recording here.

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Sorry, it is not clear. How does converting to a video or using the presenter arrows assist me when I am standing on a stage with a remote clicker in my hand?

There are a few features I asked for though, and some of them are easier to do. Being able to see a thumbnail should be fairly easy. Not having to zoom into a video I know is harder. And instant play would probably be hardest of all.

Hello @Brad_Templeton, thank you for this information.

Converting the presentation into a Prezi video would only be a suggestion to stop the video from zooming in.

We have forwarded your request to the product team, thank you for these great suggestions. We are always trying to improve our products, and comments like yours are essential!
Could you please elaborate on the instant play request? In general, it might take a few seconds, depending on the size/content of your presentation and also the internet speed.

Right, it currently takes some time. Prezi in particular makes you want smooth flow in your presentation and precise timing and the delay breaks the flow.

In order to fix this, you would notice what videos are in the next frame while presenting. Ie. if there is a video in frame 20, then when you get to frame 19 (or even 18) you would start to load and buffer the video, but not start playing it. Then, when the presenter clicks next to go to frame 20, the video would be able to play without delay.

Hi @Brad_Templeton, thanks for the input. We’ll send the suggestions to our product team.

Hi team, any updates on this needed feature request?

Hi Team - any update on this feature. It is needed, please!

I’m a new Prezi user. Assumed this would be possible given the “canvas” concept. Without the ability to put context around my videos while playing, I’m thinking other solutions may be a better fit for me.

Hello Prezi,
I need to solve one issue.
I love prezi and i decided to use it as an interactive tool to showcase our products at exhibition.
I have a small pc in a stand connected to a touch screen.

So customers will only use touch screen.
Here is problem:
When i play video it always full screen and then i lost my home button a i have no chance to zoom out from video if you have only touch screen.
So how to solve it?

  1. Best solution is for me is have “home a zoom out button” always on.
  2. Play videos in window not full screen.

So is here any possibilitis to solve this issue?

Hello @Antonin_Sofka,

Could you please let me know if you are using the desktop application, the web browser, or an exported presentation when you are presenting?

Hello Bart,
I am using Desktop application only.

Hi @Antonin_Sofka, thanks for the answer.

I’m merging your post then into the related topic, and I’ll make sure I forward your feedback to our product team.