Playbook App please!!

I love the program. Any chance of a Playbook presenter? I take my Playbook everywhere and I would love to use this in my presentation. I can use my Blackberry Bridge, but it is a hassle to get it going and it is not very fast.


Thank you for the suggestion, we are unable to talk about our future plans though:(


I also echo a need for it on Blackberry Playbook. I use Prezi quite a bit (Pro version), but need to use my Playbook for some interactions with clients. Sadly, I’m forced to return to Powerpoint. :frowning:

As a Pro version user for two years, I also would love to see a Playbook app. Given that the offline version runs on Adobe Air, it *should* be relatively simple to do. If I am presenting at a client I cannot always rely on having wifi to connect to the Internet to run Prezi through the browser.

Any latest update on this topic? I’d really like to President come to the Playbook as a native app!

I want an app to,how do I get the adobe air version

Saahil, a relatively simple Prezi will run on the PlayBook browser using Flash. But you cannot create or modify presentations, only view them. The only thing we can do is keep sending emails to Peter Arvai asking for a native app. When the number of emails becomes large enough, I am sure they will listen, especially if you are a paying customer.

Yes Playbook/Blackberry 10 support please!

Yep, just purchased my playbook, but still have to take laptop about to present offline… come on prezi

We are stoked about BB10 and after seeing Prezi by my National Director of sales want to get 4 of us using Prezi native to the Playbook. I hope BB makes it to your implementation schedule soon.