Playing videos (from file) NOT fullscreen

I understand that Youtube videos can only be played fullscreen, but what about videos uploaded as files? I have a Prezi that I have worked on over the last couple of months where there are 3 videos uploaded from file on one slide. At some point in time I was definitely able to play these without the slide zooming into them fullscreen. I distinctly remember the little bar would pop up underneath the video with a play button and volume control, and I am certain this happened while in presenting mode, not edit mode.

Now I have come back to it, this no longer happens, no matter whether I play it through Prezi (tired several different machines) or download it as a file. The bar does not pop up, and when I click on the video it simply zooms to fullscreen and autoplays. Any idea what I was doing to make it play without going fullscreen, and how I can get back there?

That’s useful to know, thanks. Unfortunately the old player seems to mess up some of the animations, so items that should appear in a particular order are already visible when you get to the slide.

It would be useful if Prezi allow videos to play without going full screen in future revisions.