Playing videos offline - please help

When using an offline prezi the play bar flashes on screen before automatically playing the video. Is there a way to remove this flash as it looks unprofessional? Is it the way I have embedded the video?

Please get rid of the huge (center of the screen) player button on the videos that are added to the path…especially for off line! The visual transition is  ruined - it’s so clunky. It loses it pro-look! Any quick fixes??? Thanks for your help.

Hi, I have the same issue with the thumbnail showing rather than just the beginning of the video (embedded, not YouTube) - it shows (in a very glitchy way) a thumbnail from within the videos and it looks terrible and will confuse viewers :-( 

I’m having an issue with the video playing, but not able to view it.  I can hear it, but can’t see it.  Can anyone help with this.  It a mp4 video.  Thanks.