Please add a spell checker!

A spell checker would be great for those of us with fast typing that is not always accurate.

any news about this?
you wouldn’t believe but most of the easily adopters have learning disabilities (dyslectic and stuff), that’s why they look for new ways to do things. so it would really help a lot more people that love prezi then you’d think…
if you could say how far down the line a spelling checker is that would really be appreciated (no commitments just a guess).

This is a real must! Without a spell checker, or at least the ability to use Firefox’s spell checker this tool has a serious problem functionality wise.

Hope you bring this one forward soon!

I’m very new to Prezi and I’ve already come across situations where this would be handy. I second this motion for sure. +1!

I know this is a tool developed outside the English Speaking world so an English dictionary may not be the first to be added but if you build in one language the next languages are probably much easier. I work with students who are fluent in several languages and even several alphabets - without a dictionary all their weakness with written language are going to show up and make them reluctant to use strong vocabulary. I know this could slow down the program if it is on all the time but what if it is a step that can be chosen before completion and publication… Please! !](](