Please add 'Send to back and 'Send to front'!

We have simple one step arranging tools, but with hundreds of objects ion a prezi you can be clicking for a long time to be done with that one-step thing. A send to front / back would be very useful (with shortcuts please).

Hi! You can access “Bring forward” and “Send backward” by clicking on the plus sign on the transformation zebra. Hope this helps!

No it doesn’t. Please actually read the message. ‘Back’ and ‘front’ are different to ‘backward’ and ‘forward’.

hi exxcept,
I think angelie is right. We have changed the behaviour of send back(ward). Could you please try the new version? I hope it works.


Hi Peter,

I’ve been working with it quite extensively and the forward-backward thing has indeed improved, but it still requires lots of clicks to send something all the way to the back, or all the way to the front. Look at how Illustrator handles this. It has four commands:
‘Bring to front’
‘Bring forward’
‘Send to back’
‘Send backward’

I hope that clarifies things. I wouldn’t need an actual entry in the menu, just a keyboard shortcut would be fine (like ctrl-[and ctrl-] for back and front and ] for forward and backward… the adobe standard.


you are right. The old behavior was ‘bring to front’ and ‘send to back’, now they are ‘bring forward’ and ‘send backward’. We should have every for not only two.

Bests, Peter

Please, please take this idea seriously. We work to create nice looking Prezi(s) with basic object/text tools so we must layer many objects to accomplish this.

Send To Back and Front are critical when using frames to zoom to a group of objects. Or consider a “Group objects” feature which would help us if you need to stick with a one-step Forward and Backward only.


Yes this is extremely valuable. Particularly if you add things like frames at the end of your ideas, then these make everything underneath unclickable and as the others say, you can be clicking for what seems like hours in the hope that you’ve moved it down far enough below the others.

It’s very basic drawing functionality I think is reasonable to have in prezi too.

Absolutely agree. Send to back is a neccesity for large Prezi’s

Has anyone figured out a workaround for this?

any ideas on workaround? im dying without this feature

The only workaround I found was breathwork to facilitate zenful patience. I imagine cupcakes might help too.

I found that once I accepted the fact that there was no workaround, and just got on with the clicking, it was less irksome than I recalled. Though never a pleasure.

Prezi people. A bring-to-front or send-to-back would be A PLEASURE TO USE. I suggest a cupcake icon for this functionality.

mmm cupcakes

New user to Prezi, and would like to eventually be a long-time user of Prezi. I agree with those above – the ability to send objects or groups of objects all the way back or bring them all the way forward is a must.

I’m finding it especially challenging since I have a block of text in which I’ve “embedded” frames and images…and when I try to select one of those I keep getting the larger (higher? less zoomed in?) text highlighted. As your icon says, I’m “clinging” to good humor – but I’m trying to create the presentation I’ll give to my boss to convince her to buy the Pro version, and if this hangs me up it might be a deal-breaker.

Thanks for considering!

I place my vote for this as a must have!

I whole-heartedly wish that Prezi will incorporate this as a new feature
“‘Bring to front’
‘Bring forward’
‘Send to back’
‘Send backward’”

Also extremely helpful would be to select multiple items using shift +click/drag and then be able to bring that group of items backwards or forwards the same as above. I know the select multiple items already works, but you cannot bring the whole group forward/backward compared to other objects.

I agree with the idea. A temporary workaround I found to address the issue of text, etc becoming unclickable/uneditable inside a frame due to layering is to make frames slightly smaller than the text you are trying to enclose such that the text is still “clickable” for further editing.

How can I do it? If I want to “Send to Back”, I still need to click “Send Backward” multiple times.

This is especially frustrating when you’re dealing with trying to replace background images. I’ve clicked 200+ times for one of my presentations and it’s still only halfway through as far as I can tell.

Hey guys, where did this feature go with the new zebra?