Please don't let users create accounts with invalid email addresses.

It’s a good idea to require accounts to be validated before they can be used to create content. Somebody created an account with my email address and was able to sign in and create content. As a result, I was getting notification of comments and other automatic emails which I would consider to be spam, as I never solicited email from

Accidentally creating an account with a typo in one’s email address happens from time to time; that’s fine. But to prevent random people from getting lots of unsolicited mail, it’s good practice to require the new account holder to verify their account by clicking a link sent to their email address.

If this is not addressed, it leaves open the possibility of harrassing somebody by creating an account using their username, and then creating a presentation with embarrassing content.

Hi Dylan,

you are right with that suggestion. In your case, if you want to file a complaint, please write to

Can you judge from the emails you get, whether it is simply a typo or accident? Because then that user would probably be happy if it could be sorted out.