Poll Everywhere in Prezi Next?



I’m hoping that prezi next has resolved the dilemma of how to get polleverywhere into the content. if it has then how do i do it, and if it hasn’t why not?!

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Poll Everywhere

Currently, Poll Everywhere is not compatible with Prezi Next, I’m afraid, but as it seems to be a great addition to our software, I’ll forward your request to our Product Managers.

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This is not a new request for Prezi or your engineers …
after an apparently difficult process, polleverywhere deceided to stop supporting Prezi in 2012, because of Flash and Prezi policy choices.

So now the request becomes relevant again, since Prezi Next is running on HTML 5 …
polling the audience is part of conversational presenting that is becoming very popular in general … so what options are there to integrate a poll in Prezi Next?

If not, I’ll have to keep making PowerPoints for the clients that want polling.

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Is there any plan to integrate w Poll Everywhere?



Hi! We merged you post to the relevant thread. i’m afraid currently it’s not possible to integrate Poll Everywhere to Prezi, but please look for future updates in this thread.