Polygons, circles, rectangles

Besides “highlight” and “line” would it be possible to have polygons or at least circles and rectangles in the Shapes?

haha I actually made this same suggestion yesterday.

Katrin replied and pointed out that many shapes can me made with the lines because the ends will snap together.

Also, you can use a circle frame and a filled in frame for the circle andretangle. I know these aren’t the best options or probably even what you are looking for but hopefully the development team will be able to design various shapes with different fill and color options for us to use soon.

Hi oatbxl, I’m not sure if you know this forgive me if you do - but you can get sort of get circles and rectangles with a little workaround. If you draw a line shape and then double click - you will be able to drag the line into a semi circle from its middle - two of these will make a circle with a little work. Similarly, if you draw four lines and double click each one they will snap to each others ‘ends’ if you pull them together. Click on each end and drag and you can drag and snap onto another lines end individually, if that makes sense - not perfect but it does work.



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