Poor image quality in exported PDF


Regarding this question, I’m experiencing the same thing. Almost nothing in my presentation is imported images. Almost all of it is native text, shapes, arrows, etc. The resolution is terrible, almost embarrassing to present to my client who would like it as a PDF (in addition to the portable file) to include in a report. Why is the image so poor? Even the average PDF viewed in Preview on a Mac looks tons better. How do I find the resolution you’re talking about for my regular shapes and text etc. Does that still apply?

Unsharp images

Could you please share a file as an example so that we can test it? Please upload it to WeTransfer and make sure to select Share > link. This will generate a URL link that I can download the file from.


Hi Vanda. Here’s the link: https://we.tl/8p8f9XM0PH

Please let me know if that works.

You’ll notice that the text in the PDF is all Prezi-generated. That in particular is what has a disappointing resolution. In the PDF file I sent, pages 2 and 3 are inserted from a Word file exported as PDF. The text in those two pages is crisp and legible.

If you want other comparable PDFs that I’m using as a point of comparison, I’m happy to share those as well. They would be PDFs of Powerpoint files, again extremely crisp text. In one case, I have a PDF that is about 50% longer in pages, but 20MB rather than the 1.1MB of this Prezi file I shared with you.

It is my belief that Prezi’s problem of mediocre PDFs is primarily one of file size. Why can the user not select the file size being exported? The high quality resolution already exists in the presentation, which is perfectly crisp not matter how zoomed in you go. Why can that quality not be preserved in the export? It seems to me like a simple problem that has a simple solution that just hasn’t been thought about.

I look forward to your continued help on this concern.


We have checked the files you have sent us, and indeed the image is not sharp.
In order for us to be able to investigate further, could you please send us a link to the source presentation?
Thank you.


Good to know we’re in agreement on the image resolution, thank you. Here’s a link to my presentation:



Hi folks any further thoughts on this issue of unsharp images after looking at my file?


I am sorry I could not have replied earlier.
The way PDF files are generated is through making a screenshot of your screen, therefore, on our end, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to improve the image resolution when it comes to small segments.
However, zooming in and taking a screenshot of a zoomed in screen could be helpful.


This is a very BIG frustration for us! We need sharp backgrounds (like your templates have, but none of Prezi templates are useful to us) and we have not been able to get any of our backgrounds to be nice and sharp like they are in Classic. We used the every same file in PowerPoint, and Keynote along with Classic and ALL were sharp when zoomed in. This is a HUGE backstep and another reason why my boss is pushing for us to leave Prezi. PLEASE do SOMETHING or give us a way to make our own backgrounds useable in Next!


I’m finally caught up enough to better understand what you were asking about and it isn’t about an unsharp background, but rather the resulting PDF sharpness, correct? I think you should ask this to be moved & made into a separate thread, imo, since it’s a bit different to be discussing background sharpness vs. exported file sharpness. I say that because I was confused a bit before, but I actually downloaded your file, I hope you don’t mind, and I completely agree that the quality stinks. Especially since you have so much text that is now practically illegible. It seems a shame (not to mention quite inconvenient). It would be nice to see an option for higher definition!!

Please take with a grain of salt- this may or may not be relevant to your usage needs (nor does it help in your current case, unfortunately), but: Have you considered using more images instead? Not only are they easier on the eyes, but then you might not have the same problem going fwd (an icon, for example, is a bit more forgiving in lo-res situations). It’s a challenge I still work on personally, so I can’t claim to 100% “practice what I preach” but it could be something to work towards… And then in my case I have extra notes/text in a separate file that I can either choose to include (pasted into an email or added as pages within the PDF as you’ve done) or not. It’s also a very powerful way to control what the recipient has in their hands while reviewing content, limiting hard copies of certain data (like the $/hr wage range that you may need to update at some point, for example).


@Christophe_Hille sorry, one last thing: I just did a test using one of my own Prezis and my PDF quality, while not amazing, seems slightly better than yours (103 pages, 9.15MB, one page included below). Agree or disagree? My last thought would be regarding your monitor; maybe your screen resolution is playing a factor in all of this as well? Have you tried saving from various locations (such as your desktop, laptop, other)? I do hope a solution is found for you!


Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity, thank you for the thoughtful and thorough replies to my post and terribly sorry for the delayed reply! I was buried in two client deliverables that involved Prezi presentations. I can now turn my focus back a bit towards figuring this platform out better. I greatly appreciate the time you took to try alternate approaches.

It seems like the @Prezi_Support moved this topic into a new thread, which makes sense as you suggested. That said, it sounds like from everyone’s complaints, the downloaded resolution in PDFs is terrible on all fronts — text, images, backgrounds. I sincerely think it’s a question of downloading larger files in a different way somehow (acknowledging that I’m not an expert in this stuff). I can open the most banal PDF made in Illustrator or Word or PP, and the resolution is impeccable on my screen. In contrast, a PDF of a Prezi looks like it’s being seen through a haze.

Regarding your point about using more images, that’s well taken. Sometimes that approach can work. Other times, however, our deliverables require a lot of text because that’s what the client needs. What you saw on my presentation even is heavily distilled from te volume of text we normally use. That said, I like your idea of using separate text inserts for the PDFs, so the information can be updated easily and adjusted to the audience. I’ll keep that in mind for future work.

Thank you and best of luck in your work!


When I download PDF file the quality is horrible. How do I fix that? Or is that not fixable? Super disappointed, can’t send this to my client! Please help me out with this. Is there other programs to make presentation with good quality PDF?


@Julija_Raphael could you send us a link to your presentation so we can check?




Do you have access to export this Presentation to a high quality PDF? The pictures doesn’t fill out the whole page on PDF, I need it bigger and better quality. Why don’t you invent a manual export, where we can choose the size of PDF


Thank you for the link. We have exported the presentation and I believe this is the highest resolution available now, and at the moment it cannot be modified.



I am sorry to say, when I found that there is no tool to convert my presentations from Classic to Next I said ok and spent dozens of hours of creating presentation in Prezi Next from scratch. I like some new features in Next especially presenter notes and presenter view.
Indeed as training provider I need to print also my presentations for my students and I found the quality of exported pdf files very poor. What I really don’t understand is if it is not better in comparison to Classic why it is not at least on same level?

Anybody knows how to increase the quality of PDF? Not just pictures also text in Next horrible.

Here is example of comparison Classic (Above part) and Next (below part).

Thank you


@Rastislav_Hovancak We are sorry you are not satisfied with the PDF export feature.

I am forwarding your request to the responsible team and hopefully the quality of the exported PDF files will be improved in the near future.


I have the same issue and have found no answers. This has been going on for a while. Are you even looking at this issue with PDF files?


@Luis_Alvarez, as I have mentioned in this topic, PDFs that are getting blurry might be not vector-based, that can result in blurriness.

Also, please keep in mind that any image larger than 1800x pixels in width will be automatically resized, which can result in a loss of resolution/quality, but inserting the image close to the maximum width will most likely result in a higher quality export than a smaller image would.