Poor video playback from uploaded content




I’ve created some video content which I have uploaded to Prezi for playback. this is a .mp4 file with a frame size of 854x480 with an overall file size of 70MB.

However I play the prezi, in browser, in offline mode or in the downloaded package none of them can play the video smoothly. It always seems to stutter with the audio being out of sync.

I’ve reduced the file and frame size to try and reduce the demand on the programme but still I’m not getting the outcome I need.

Any suggestions?


Hi, @Colin_Bamber.

As we state in the article on adding videos in Prezi Next, we recommend adding video files that are no more than 50 MB in size to avoid a possible decrease in performance.

If your video is smaller than 50 MB in size by now and you have already tried re-inserting it and you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to send us a link to the presentation and the video file via a WeTransfer link.


Hi @Lana

Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.

Reducing the file size to below 50MB seems to have done the trick.



Glad to hear it!