Portable Prezi in windows does not load

Hello. I am trying to download a portable prezi for windows. In the past I did it many times and it worked properly. Now I do no know why but it is not working anymore. I download the portable prezi, as usual, and now I get in the zip file two documents: prezi-windows.exe and preci-mac.zip. I do not get any other file… I do not know if this is normal now. When I try to load the “prezi-windows.exe” file, it opens the Prezi windows and it says “loading” but it never loads. Does it happen to any other people? Am I doing anything wrong?
Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your reply Vanda. I tried it not just with one Prezi presentations but with some of them and I get always the same problem. Previously the prezi used to have always a “content” folder but I do not get now this folder when downloading the prezi presentation. Is that normal?

Hi again.

I send you below a link to an expample:



That is not the problem because I have tried to make a new prezi using a blank template with no images and I have the same problem. I will check from a different computer and I will let you know.

Thank you again.


I have the same probem, and, like Jorge said, is not about big files, because I tried with an old presentation that downloaded fine in the past. I think is something wrong with the new format. So, how do we fix this problem?

I have the same probem, and, like Jorge and Antonio said, it is not about big files, because I tried with an old presentation that downloaded fine in the past. And it works properly on my notebook (Widows, too). How I may fix it on my computer?

Which topic please ? 


I am having the same problem.  All of my older Prezis work fine, but the new one I made last week only works on my home computer.  On my classroom computer it wouldn’t load.  I was supposed to have a classroom evaluation that day…good thing it was postponed!  But now it’s next week!  I hope this can be fixed by then!  It’s a teacher’s nightmare to have a presentation not load! 

Like Jorge, mine now shows up with two things:  for Mac and then for Windows.  There’s no third file like there used to be. 

Dear Vanda,

I do not understand why you can’t give your users a workaround while you guys are fixing the problems with the new format:

Please give your users a workaround:
1) By rolling back the new updated executable
2) Add the previous version, which used to work, of our presentations to the Downloads, so that we at least can choose which of the presentations we want to download (the new updated executable or the old-fashioned-way).

This is getting too long now, very annoyed!!

I think we need to cancel our contract first and get a refund because you guys are not meeting the expectations of the terms we agreed to in the first place!

I support Patrick’s idea of giving us a chance to choose which kind of presentation we want to download. I have several  very important speeches on the way but I’m really afraid of making Prezi presentation for them. It was the best thing about Prezi before that it worked everywhere and everytime. Sorry but it doesn’t true now(((

I would appreciate it if Prezi could respond to the above comments and provide an update regarding this problem.  My class presentation is in three days (with representatives of the Education Ministry observing), and I’m getting a little anxious!

Except this isn’t working!

I’m running Windows 7, 4GB RAM, DX11 and everything else ok (as per your spec) to no joy.

The downloaded Prezi opens, but either the loading wheel stalls 25% of the way round, or the Prezi opens but with 50%+ of the assets missing and irreversibly freezes after 2-3 clicks through.

Please can this be re-investigated.

Dear Vanda,

Many thanks for the swift and (spoiler!) helpful reply.

Updating the graphics driver did indeed seem to sort the problem, save for one asset which I suspect may have contained a superscript character in it’s original name, but I’ve now successfully replaced.

Everything is sorted - so thanks again!


Hello My name is Amílcar Antunes 

I think that the problem is the windows version (windows 7). I try a presentation on windows 7 and it doesen’t work, freezes on loading. Then i try on windows 10 and the same portable presentation worked. 
The the same presentation with a few litlle changes worked I think is something wrong with the new format.


I’ve been downloading and playing portable prezis in a Windows XP-based computer for years with no problem at all. Recently I’ve started to get a message that goes “prezi.exe is not a valid Win32 application” or something like that.  Meanwhile, in a Windows Vista-based laptop there is no such message but the portable prezi gets stuck and makes the system go unstable. Any idea of how to solve these issues?
Fernando Termis

One final question - the on screen resolution of the vector assets in the portable Prezi is really blocky (and notably different from the online one).

Is this a deliberate limitation because I’m a “legacy” user who can still download without Pro, or should I be looking elsewhere for the cause?

Cheers, P

Dear Vanda,

Oh that’s good to know - I’ll look forward to a fix.

The Prezi of mine I’d noticed it on was this one: https://prezi.com/q7hr6s0sikmo/alcohol-diabetes/.

Cheers, P

Hi All,
I am having the same problem. All of my older Prezis work fine (Win7, new DirectX), but the new one which I made just now don’t. Are there any opportunities to download it previous format or must make again in ppt? :frowning:

I agree, for us this situation is just unacceptable and currently a NO GO recommendation for Prezi situation!

We can and will not change our hardware in our datacenter just because PREZI cannot fix this issue and just ‘re-defined’ the minimal requirements for PREZI to work nowadays.

Greetings to all !
It seems that a month has passed (and maybe more?) since the time when the portable Prezi ceased to open in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. This is due to the development of a new format of the portable Prezi. If XP is uniquely message appears on startup error, in Windows 7 - an endless loop.

I am using Prezi to educate students and recommend them to use Prezi for their presentations. So I decided to decide for themselves in the current situation with a portable Prezi and draw conclusions for the students.

I conducted a small experiment in your account Prezi.com license Edu Enjoy. Creates an empty (no template) presentation with only one short text. Save the presentation as a portable Prezi. In Windos XP portable presentation does not start with an error message, in Windows 7 has been an endless loop, in Windows 8.1 and 10 the presentation start without errors.

I also updated for all versions of Windows DirectX so that have been set up all versions of DirectX, equal to or below the maximum possible version of DirectX for each Windows platform (for setting instructions here). From my experiments I make an objective conclusion that the portable Prezi to run without errors of DirectX, starting with version 11.2 and higher. If the average user wants to view using DxDiag utility (you need to type in a string Run …) DirectX version, there are not shown to subversion. In Windows 7 and in Windows 10 will display version of DirectX 11, but in fact they are different.

Therefore, for students I say simply: portable Prezi works in Windows version 8.1 and above. This significantly narrows the boundaries of portable applications Prezi, and compulsively makes Prezi users to change the version of Windows. Old portable format Prezi had no such deficiencies. The minimum requirements for Prezi written: « DirectX 9 or higher is required to view a portable prezi.». To date, this is not the truth.

If I am wrong in their conclusions, tweak me. I am a user Prezi c 2012.

All successes in working with Prezi and long patience while waiting for bug fixes Prezi development team. Sorry for automatic translation into english.