Portable prezi with voice over can't run in autoplay


Dear Vanda, in thanking you for this post, I’d like to ask: at the moment if I download a portable Prezi with voice over, I cannot run it with the autoplay. Correct? Is there a workaround I may not know, to solve this? Thanks, Davide

How to present without being present?

Yes, @davide_luzzati, it’s not possible to autoplay a presentation that contains audio for the time being. I converted your reply to a feature request topic and I will update it with any news.


Thank you Vanda


Is there a way to set up timing and animation to go automatically on a presentation? Kind of like on PowerPoint, when you press Begin PowerPoint (or whatever button it is that starts the presentation), and then it goes on it’s own? All audio and animations and visuals happen automatically after x amount of time.



@Melissa_Selke I’ve merged your topic to the respective feature request. The autoplay feature is currently only available in the downloaded presentation format without inserted audio. In case we’ll have any news about this request, we’ll share it here.