portable prezis don't work on some Windows devices

I have been using prezi for a long time. In the last few months the presentations are not loading prompting the option to return to the old viewer. Furthermore all portable prezi’s in the school I work in where previously universally loaded are now hit and miss depending on which device and staff profile they are loaded on. It is really frustrating and unfortunately it is making me think of returning to a different presentation format. It appears that you can only get support by upgrading, however I am reluctant to do this unless the problem is likely to be resolved. It was so reliable only months ago.



Some examples of prezi’s that do not populate. Have to click revert back to old viewer. Everything has slowed down dramatically across all my presentations which worked well previously

I will look into OS on devices. Also not matter what device I use they seem to load so much slower.

I have checked the requirements mentioned. Our computers are fulfilling those requirements but it works on some and not all.

One of the issue I experienced myself is hanging on this screen at startup. We have never had issues running prezi files until now.

Here is a check of our directx version from one of the computers not working with prezi

These requirements are met. I still have no explanation as to why my presentations that would formerly populate do not load (I have sent you these links aswell. It is such as shame as the staff in the school I work in enjoy prezi compared with other presentation software. But from previously loading on every workstation the portable prezis are either not loading or having missing content. The answer for most now is to transfer this back into powerpoint. Surely there has to be a solution?

Dear Vanda

Have you a direct e-mail to send them across to you so that you can view them. Although I can see them you clearly cant by inserting them in this format

Hello. I’m also experiencing the same problem. It works on some computers and not in other computers. Windows 7 with DirectX11 meeting all requirements.
It seems some update from last months that is in conflict blocking prezi portable.
Any clues?

Dear Vanda,

Thank you for the reply.

How we’re working with a netbook with limited resources, there is not available for a dedicated graphic card.

The question is that Prezi portable presentations was working until December. Unfortunately I have no files saved before in order to compare with the new downloaded one.

Just to let you know that if there was any upgrade/update to the saved portable presentations, in that even in old computers it was working, but not now.

 This problem is making us to stop using Prezi for our presentations, because here unfortunately internet is unstable and we have no other coputers with Offline Prezi working availabe to show our presentations offline. :\

Dear Vanda
This is so frustrating. The IT technician at the school I work has confirmed all pc’s satisfy this criteria, yet they do not work or are stuck in a loading phase. I also sent a list of presentations that sit on my home page that do not load in the new viewer. As I mentioned before you will have a whole range of schools with very different It set ups. There needs to be a universal solution or you will drive all these prezis users back to alternatives over a simple format issue. I have sent your note in to the IT technician who has confirmed again the It equipment meets this criteria.

I have a problem with running prezi next desktop app. There is an error message says “A dedicated or integrated graphics card that support directx is required to view this presentation”. But I have checked the requirements mentioned and my computer has fulfilling those requirements.(i have Intel®HD Graphics 4000 and Directx version 11). Please give me a solution this!