Portrait mode video support

When I load a vertically oriented video into the presentation template, it rotates counterclockwise and is on it’s side in the presentation. The video will play but it is just oriented the same way. It was a video from my iphone converted to mp4.

Hello @Glen_Steele, could you please check if you can update the orientation of your video in your iPhone editing menu? Try to rotate it a few times and make sure it is saved vertically.

Once this is done, please try to upload it again to Prezi Video and please let me know if it works fine.

Thank you Bart. It is a vertical video taken with my iPhone and converted to mp4. It is fine when I play a straight video from files but when I insert into the Prezi format, it rotates ccw to horizontal. It plays but just rotated.

Glen T Steele, OD FCOVD FAAO

Hello @Glen_Steele, I’ve tested a portrait mode video with Prezi Video, and it should be working fine. I recorded it using an iPhone, then converted to MP4, then inserted to Prezi Video.

Which product are you using? Could you send me a screen recording of the issue?