Possibility to choose which presentations to sync in Prezi Next Desktop App

I understand that Prezi Next Desktop App automatically downloads each and every presentation I have on my cloud space.
This is really unnecessary, since many Prezis are historical ones on which I am not working any longer, but still need to be on cloud.
There are several drawbacks to this design of the desktop app, the main one being that, as you produce more and more Prezis, you fill up your local drive with all of them, and they take a lot of space.
So I am suggesting and asking for the following feature:
Please implement a way to separate the Prezis that are synchronized on the Prezi Next Desktop App, from those who will only stay on the cloud.
Thanks a lot!
Cristiano Plini


Thanks for the suggestion, @presentardoc.com, makes perfect sense. We’ll pass it on!

Agreed this would be VERY useful! I have somewhere around 240 GB on my local machine and I’m always in the red. Not all, but a ton of this is Prezi-related, and I keep building more! :slight_smile:

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Still waiting a resolution for this issue, too!

Hello @Gustavo_H_S_Takano, thanks for sharing your input, we’ll pass it along to our Product team and update this thread if we have any news!