Possibility to have context while zooming

Great app. Please consider the following: Adding a frame-option called ‘Context’; anything attached to the rim of a frame with this option turned on does not turn or scale relative to what is inside the frame. This can be compared to the tools who are on the rim of the Prezi-window, they don’t scale or turn either. Why? Because that way you can maintain some higher-level context while digging deeper. In a sense it’s a bit like a breadcrumb on webpages, but not only text, but also visually.
How does it work? You zoom in on the frame. Untill the point were it has focus, the rim and the things attached to it, as well as the things inside all grow bigger. Once you zoom within the frame, the things attached to the rim don’t zoom further, but remain visible at the rim.
How do you add one? You go to the ‘Frame’-menu, create the frame you want to use. Then click on the frame to show the Prezi transformation zebra. In the Zebra now there is also a picture-icon to attach a picture as title next to the pencile-icon, and next to that an icon that can be pressed and depressed with a crossed-frame-icon on it.

Hi B.I. de Boer, sounds very interesting I’ll see if I can add it to the users ideas and requests list