Power Point mirror image on MS Team during Prezi Conferencing

Hello. Kindly refer to the image uploaded here. During Prezi Conference using MS Team platform, the slides mirrored with each other. Please help. TQ.

Hello @Noor_Alaudin_Abdul_Wahab, kindly try to mirror your video on Prezi Video, click on “Camera” on the upper-left corner, and untick or tick the mirror camera option.

Let me know if this was helpful. :smile:

Hi Sir

Yes…attempted that too. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. It just flip talker but not the slides.

Hello @Noor_Alaudin_Abdul_Wahab, sometimes the image is mirrored for you, but for your audience, it’s not. Can you make a test with someone and check if the person is seeing the image mirrored?

I hope to hear from you soon.