Powerpoint 2016 with MORPH effects in Prezi presentation.

Hi everybody :slight_smile:
Anyone tried powerpoint 2016 with MORPH effect in PREZI? I would do presentation in powerpoint 2016 and implemented it into Prezi but I don;t know if it would work, because I don;t have powerpoint 2016 in this moment. Thanks for your information. :slight_smile:

Hi Vanda,
I know about transitions tools but it is low for my presentation. I need good animation(text, imagesโ€ฆ) with or use in Prezi. Photoshop+Flash+CSS3+Powepoint+something videoeditor+Prezi= Very Best presentation program for meโ€ฆ for to the future.
Thinking about how to modify the Prezi to the future at a high level :slight_smile: