Powerpoint inclusion


The new Powerpoint conversion tool is brilliant - well done Prezi Team!! I was wondering if it was possible to convert Powerpoint slides to form part of an existing Prezi, rather than start a fresh one?



Hello @Steven_Murray, currently it’s only possible to convert your PPT slides and start a new presentation with them, but thank you so much for your suggestion, we will transmit it to our development team :slight_smile:

if i already have a powerpoint slide typed in chinese and would like to convet it to prezi presentaion would i be able to do that

my powerpoint slides are made with google

Hello @yuanheng_lin, with a Standard or higher Prezi Next plan you can convert your PPT presentations to Prezi. Please consult this tutorial. Alternatively, in case you’d like to insert a PPT slide into an existing Prezi presentation, I would suggest saving the PPT as PDF first and then importing the PDF file into your Prezi presentation (using the Insert-Image tab). I hope this helps.

can you convert your prezi presentation to powerpoint? what format are prezi presentation in?

Hello @Rammy_Ahmed, currently it is not possible to convert Prezi presentations to PowerPoint. I apologize for any inconvenience. You can export Prezi presentations to PDF, or download them as a standalone file, which will be .exe for Windows and .zip for Mac.

after downloading, on what program can it be opened on to conduct the presentation? also pdf would not show the animations done on prezi so how will that work?

Hello @Rammy_Ahmed, you do not need to install any software to be able to open the .exe file, it will run on your computer after downloading the presentation from the Prezi desktop application. In the PDF version each step of your presentation’s path will become a page (without the animations), however the standalone files work just like the online version, including transitions and animations.

I too really need this feature. I have to redo the entire presentation every time I change one slide!

Hi @Steven_Williams, thank you for the feedback! We forwarded this request to our developers :slight_smile: