Powerpoint slide import feature?

As much as I’d like to dump powerpoint in favor of pure Prezi, I am finding a need to occasionally import entire ppt slides as photos to make my presentation work within the confines of my organization. It would be great if there was a ppt import feature rather than my having to convert slides to jpg using the print screen function.

Hi Mark,

you can use a PDF-printer like http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcr… to export the .ppt to a .pdf and import the latter into Prezi. Hope that solves your problem.

Hi Mark, not sure what version of PowerPoint you have but in my PowerPoint 2007 I am able to save directly to PDF - maybe you are missing a plug in?. And in OpenOffice.org Draw (freeware) I am able to convert PDF to SWF as well, with great results.

hope this helps

John Barlow

Isn’t there a free add-on for PowerPoint that adds PDF-saving features to it?

Most likely yes, newer versions of PP should have it natively as well. But I personally haven’t used it for such a long time, I can’t give a good answer, sorry. Please try https://encrypted.google.com/search?q…