PPT import with animations

i uploaded a ppt deck into prezi but cannot get the builds i created in the slides to work in prezi. all of the content on a slide appears at once instead of in order when i click the mouse as created in ppt. please help!

Hi @Neal_Anderson, could you please specify if you are using Prezi Video or Prezi Present?
And if I understand correctly you would like to have your PPT content animated the same way as it is in PowerPoint, right?

you understand correctly and i am using prezi video. and by animated i mean i may have 5 different things on a single slide that appear in a certain order and either by a mouse click and/or timing. or a list of 10 bullets and i want each one to appear every 5 seconds or when i click mouse.

Hi @Neal_Anderson, thanks for clarifying that.

Currently, it is not possible to import your animations from a PPT to Prezi Video, but I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.

As a workaround, you can use Prezi Present to build your presentation, animate it, then once you are done you can import it to Prezi Video and have a similar animation system in your presentation.

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