Predefined frame sizes for different projector resolutions

Hi Prezi team,

I would suggest a framing function (esp. for hidden frames) where the user can make a selection about the size (4:3; 16:9 and 16:10). This would help with projection as it would ensure that only the frame size equals the resolution of the projector.


Hi Christoph,

for 4:3 this is already possible: hold [Shift] while dragging the frame. You are right, with more and more screens and projectors having these other aspect ratios, offering more pre-set frames is something we have to consider.

I’ll relay your suggestions.

Kind regards,


Work-around: in the Path bubble menu, you can choose the “Capture view” option to create a frame of exactly the aspect ratio of your computer screen.

You made some changes to make it easier for us to create presentations on laptops (16:9 resolution) to present with projectors (4:3 resolution)

In the link:…
You said that, when i switch to 4:3 ratio, i should be able to see guide or frame, which is showing me 4:3 ratio when in edit mode. In show mode there should be visible black areas on both side.

Well, in show this feature of prezi works fine. But when i am in edit mode i have some problems.

There is NO grey dashed rectangle to see where are the borders of the 4:3 resolution. Please help! I’m working on 16:9 resolution computer screen. When I press CTRL+SHIFT+M there is notification in the middle of the screen to tell me that i am switching between resolutions but when it dissapears nothing is different. As i said, i can’t see borders of 4:3 resolution. In show mode, 4:3 is working normally.

Please help!