Present action crashes Prezi Desktop w/ 2 monitors

I often use my laptop with an ultrawide.

I typically use Prezi Desktop just on my laptop screen because if I try to use it on 2nd ultra-wide display the presentation is sluggish and unusable. The hardware is a gaming laptop with a nvidia card and plenty of memory and CPU. Part of the sluggishness is the presentation always goes to full-screen mode, even on an ultrawide.

So my workaround is to run the Prezi desktop editor on my laptop screen only. However, when I click present the on my laptop screen the editor tosses the presentation over to the 2nd monitor, the ultrawide screen. In this scenario the Prezi desktop program will consistently crash as soon as the presentation tries to appear. As a workaround, I would like to tell Prezi desktop to not try to present to the second monitor. but there is no control for that.

Really it’s expected the presentation would work on larger monitors without crashing, without slushiness, and without going only into full-screen mode.

Is there a log or something I can send Prezi support to help identify the crashing problem?

Hello @JJ_JJ, can you kindly send us a dxdiag report?

I hope to hear from you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Dear Gus, it seems that I have the same problem here, noticed today. The dxdiag report doesn’t mention any problems. Many thanks in advance to help. Kind regards, Raf

Hello @Raf_claes, are you also using an ultra-wide monitor?

Hello Gus, yes indeed. When I have connected the laptop with my ultra-wide screen, my default screen is the largest one. The app PreziNext will open on the large screen. When I want to play a presentation it starts opening on the screen of the laptop. After a few seconds (showing the building up icon) on screen the application quits abruptly. In the edit mode, it shows on the large screen, where I tried to play it in the presentation mode and then it works.

Hello @JJ_JJ, can you kindly confirm what desktop app are you currently using? We have the Prezi Classic desktop app, Prezi Next desktop app, and the Prezi Video desktop app. If you don’t know, send me a screenshot, and I’ll be able to determine it.

Hello @Raf_claes, are you extending to the other monitor, or mirroring?

Hi Gus, my displays are extended.

Hi @Raf_claes, thanks for the details, we’ll get back to this thread once we have any news about this issue or if we need any further information.

Hi @Raf_claes, could you please export the DxDiag report and send it over to us?
You can use to send the file to me, please make sure to create a transfer link instead of sending me an email.

@Raf_claes and @Bart I’m using the Prezi Next 1.35 (Build 1, 64 bit) app. Here is the dxdiag report:

Hi Bart, okay, but what about the sensitive details? Which info do you want to know exactly? Kind regards, Raf

Hi @Raf_claes, you can send the DxDiag file to me in a private message as well. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,
I have just connected an Ultra Wide monitor (3440 x 1440) to my laptop (MSI GE75 with NVIDIA 2060 graphics card), and I have the same crash problem. I have Prezi Next 1.36 (Build 3, 64-bit). As soon as I try to run a presentation, it opens on the UW screen with a very low resolution (characters cannot be read, you can use the link at the end of my message to see the video) and after a couple of seconds the app crashes. Unless the issue has already been fixed (in which case, please send me some instructions), for Prezi developers to fix the issue they should try to replicate it first and then the fix should be simple, otherwise we could spend a lot of time chatting about it here. Here is a link to the video of the crash:

Workaround solution:
after launching Prezi Next, if you go to All Presentations and click on “…” that is on your slides, then select the “Presenter View”, the crash will NOT happen. You will have the Presenter View on your laptop screen while the slide presentation will happen on your Ultra-Wide monitor without any crash

Hello @ABTINE_NAJAND thank you for your input! I can see that you have reached out to us in a support ticket. I have just replied to your ticket request.