Present - Set background to "no background" e.g. transparent

In this dropdown can you please add “transparent” for the background color?

Hello @JJ_JJ, could you please let me know what would be the use case to have a transparent background and what that would look like during editing or presenting?

The use case is I want to take a Prezi next scene with a transparent background as a feed into a steam mixer such as OBS (but there are others). Currently, I can take in a Prezi Next display, the background is present which prevents the Prezi Next from being the top layer.

Here is an image of OBS capturing a Prezi presentation displayed on a separate display. Notice the background is not transparent (light grey)

This Prezi scene is being streamed into OBS via a monitor capture. Even if the Prezi next scene could have a transparent background, I’m not sure if this capture would preserve the transparent background coming from a screen capture.

Alternately, using today’s release of OBS 29.0.0 this shot shows Prezi Video virtual camera combined with a physical USB camera. Even with this, the Prezi video virtual camera insists on producing a non-transparent background.

Ideally, the Prezi Next display should be a virtual camera to allow other streaming mixers, like OBS, to accept this stream. If Prezi could ensure the background is transparent, it would open more opportunities for configuration.

Currently, Prezi Video has features that strip the background from the Prezi Next source so the camera can be blended behind the presentation.

However, I would like to do the camera and other blending in other apps. All I want from Prezi Video, or some Prezi app, is just my presentation with a transparent background as a virtual camera source. But when the Prezi video streams it back to the Prezi virtual camera it re-adds a background that is non-transparent.

Why not just use Prezi Video? Granded the virtual background is pretty good. However, it will never offer the features found in other streaming and mixing choices and its usage is boxed with other design opinions and goals.

What I’m really looking for is a way to obtain a Prezi Next virtual video camera that shows my presentation without any background (transparent background).

Thanks, @JJ_JJ, for the detailed description of your use case.

I have forwarded your request to our product team.