Presentation does not open



Good Afternoon,

Can somebody help me with solving a problem? I made a presentation but now it doesn’t open anymore.
It is only this specific presentation that I can’t open anymore. It is loading and gets stuck at 75%. After this, I get a black screen.

How can I solve this? I took me a lot of time to make the presentation so this is irritating.

Kind regards,
Arnt Piek


Hello, @Arnt_Piek. Could you please send us a link to the presentation? Also, in the meantime please check this topic on the black screen issue.


Hi, I am trying to access my prezi presentation from a works computer (windows) and it gets stuck at 25% loaded. I have disabled pop ups. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello, @Scott_Wilson, could you please send us a link to the presentation? Also, can you access this presentation on another machine?


Hi, I’m having a similar problem with my presentation - it fails to load after 25%


I´m having this issue as well. Its only working with one Prezi, My first time using Next and it feels like its crashing. It stops at around 40% and eventually goes to black. I can´t edit or access the prezi for anything. Where do I send the link to get this adjusted? I really need access to this Prezi…


@Georgia_T-P @israel_ausua1 please check our recommended firewall and security settings here to make sure nothing blocks our website on your end.

If it doesn’t help, please share the link here and we’ll be happy to take a look.


What browser are you using? I found that some don’t work. If you want to know these please reply. One such is the Chrome browser.


I have several Prezi Next presentations that I use for the classes I teach. I rely on these presentations for delivering my lessons each day and as a resource students check in order to review materials we’ve talked about in class. Without warning, all of my Prezi Next presentations have stopped loading. In Firefox and Safari, when I click on the presentations, they show a progress bar that doesn’t move past 50%.

Because I have the Prezi EDU Free account, there’s no direct customer support. This is unacceptable. I and my students need access to the information I’ve included in these presentations.

Here are the links to the presentations:


@Ms_Ellis I’ve checked your presentations but all three open on my end without any issues. Please make sure that no firewall settings in your institution block the presentations, you can find a thorough suggestion list here:


Thank you. After I deleted my recent internet history, the presentations began loading again.