Presentation does not reflect updates


I spent all day working on a presentation. I saved the editions. When I’m at dashboard it shows the ultimate update image from my presentation but when I open it the presentation is the not edited one of today morning. I tryed to clean cache, to disable adblockers and other chrome extensions, to allow [*.] on cookies and java lists but it still don’t show the updated presentation.

Besides that, I worked all day long with slowness on prezi editor. I don’t know why but to drag the topics from a point another was taken a long time.

How can I solve this, please?

My presentation link:

(The updated presentation has only 7 white cicles and 2 green cicles; the not edited one has a lot of colored circles.)

Prezi Won't Load Correctly

I forgot to say I tryed open it also in IE, Opera and 2 other computers - with no sucess.


Hello, @Elisa_Colepicolo.

Currently the overview shows many colourful topics. Is this the version you are looking for? How does it look on your end?

Please know that for the best performance we suggest using the latest version of Google Chrome.