Presentation in 20 minutes! Prezi is down!

I have a presentation in 20 minutes and it says that prezi is too busy to process my request. This is my senior engineering presentation! Help!

dude im so sorry…im in the same boat : (

Is there any possibility that someone at prezi could email me my presentation offline? This would help immensely.

!!! This is ridiculous, whats going on?

I have the exact same problem, on and off for several hours. I just paid for my license today… I thought Prezi was serious, do people really trust it for work? This comment was posted an hour ago.

I’m guessing you guys are in the US?
I’ve got the same problem in the UK!!
I was going to upgrade but I’m not convinced I should if this is the norm.

This is my first experience with Prezi, and I’m disappointed. After today, I probably wait a year or so before I try them again, to give them a chance to beef up their infrastructure.

I worked on my presentation last night, struggled this morning to fix it while the servers were up and down, now that I’m done, I might to be able to present it in 15 minutes, because the servers are still finicky. I’m refreshing the page every few minutes to see if I can get lucky and have the presentation load into my browser cache. I hope then I’ll be able to present offline.

Prezi is back up for many users. Some users may still have some issues accessing Prezi team is working to get things back to normal asap.

see the official topic