Presentation is missing all lower case "a"



I have a presentation that when presented all the lower case "a"s are missing from the second level topics. They appear in the initial page and in the lower level topics. They also appear when editing the presentation. I checked the behavior in both Chrome and Firefox with the same result.
Screen shot of browser while presenting:


And this is what it looks like when editing in the Prezi desktop application.

Both Chrome and Firefox have been testing on more than one machine with the same result.


hi there, I have the same problem - do you know the solution? thanks


Have you tried changing it to a different font and does it still happen?


I made my first Prezi and it was all looking perfectly nice, with embedded video off youtube. However, when I shared it, on some people’s machines, the 'a’s are all missing from the title page…and some of the topics too.
Of course, this makes it look shoddy when I need it to look slick! PLEASE HELP URGENTLY


Could you share the links of the presentations where you are experiencing this issue? Thanks in advance!


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Please know this was an engine issue on our end, sorry for the inconvenience, all the letters seem to be displayed properly now.