Presentation only partially loads

I just created an entire presentation for my students. Under the “edit” tab, everything is there. However, when I click “present,” much of it does not load. Does anyone know why?

Hi @Hayley_Doyle, could you please send us a view link to the presentation? Could you also provide us with the exact technical and system specifications of the computer you are using and the browser versions where this issue occurs – so we can test it directly?

I am using the following version of Chrome: [Chrome 76 on macOS (Mojave)]
Here is the link to my Prezi:

Thank you!

Hi @Hayley_Doyle, there was an accidental fade-in animation at the end of the presentation. So these items only faded in at the end. I created a Support Copy of this presentation in your Dashboard where this problem is fixed. Please let me know if this helped :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!