Presentation set to timer?


I previously had Prezi Classic, but had not used it in a while…is there no longer an option to set a presentation to a timer? Are the arrows the only option to go through? I’d like to just play the presentation, something I was able to do before, but for some reason can’t figure out how to now.

Also, is there a way to zoom out to a subtopic before continuing with another subtopic? It would go Topic (ex. Climates) > Subtopic 1 (climate profile) > Sub[sub]topic 1 (tropical) > Subtopic 1 (climate profile) > Sub[sub]topic 2 (temperate) > Subtopic 1 (climate profile) > Sub[sub]topic 3 (desert)…?


In Prezi Next, the autoplay functionality is only available in the portable presentation format, you can find further info in this thread:

As for going back to the previous subtopic, you can always use the arrow on the left corner to move one layer back.