Presentation timer


How can I use the Presentation timer?
Thank you for your help.


Hi @Bruna_Castro, you can use the timer if you present in Presenter view that you can access from the desktop application with a Plus or above license type.


Dear Agnes,

Thank you for your reply. I still have doutbs as I am new on this.

My license is Prezi next. What’s the difference of plus or above license type?

I read that the timer is not possible with audio. Does it have to do with the license?

Thank you


Na(o) quarta, 2/01/2019, 10:19, Agnes escreveu:


Prezi Next is the name of the product, while Basic/Standard/Plus/Premium are the names of the different subscriptions.

However as I can see you already have an Edu Plus license which means you can already download the desktop app from the dashboard and use Presenter view from it!


Thank you Agnes.

And two more questions.

  1. Can I use the Audio and timer at the same time with Edu Plus?

  2. Can you please send me the link to the tutorials?

Thank you very much.

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Yes, you can also add audio to your presentation with a Plus/Edu Plus license.

Please check the article about the Presenter view and Adding audio, I hope it is helpful!