Presentation won't load


I went through and updated my Prezi to Prezi Next for a presentation today. When I tried to load the presentation in the classroom it said that I could not edit in that browser. I tried both with Firefox and Internet Explorer - neither would open it and gave the no editing message. Then I downloaded Chrome and when I tried to open it the template was blank… no text. I was so disappointed! I’d like to be able to transfer more of my presentations, but I need reliability - Luckily Prezi Classic did the job!


Lora Warner


Hi, Lola. I am sorry we haven’t replied earlier. Are you still experiencing these issues?


I was able to log in for my last presentation. It seems to be a browser
issue on some of the computers I’ve worked on, so I try to make sure to
check them before presenting.




I am glad there was a resolution.

Here is an article on system requirements, perhaps you’d find it useful as it contains information on browsers.