Presentations have a blue glitched look

The site is completely fine until I load a presentation, I get a blue glitchy look that is kind of similar to a very old screen or a tv that someone punched.

I have reloaded the page and tried different presentations but they all do this. Idk if this matters but I’m on a MacBook Pro 2019 version with the latest version system and on the Safari browser in Prezi Classic.

Hi @Kasper_Hopman, could you please tell me the exact OS version you have on your Mac?
Could you also try to open the same presentations in Google Chrome just to test how it looks there?

Catalina 10.15.7, it’s even worse on chrome, the entire site is like that there. It was working fine for a while and suddenly it did that…

Hi @Kasper_Hopman, currently I could not reproduce this issue, but I’ll look into this further.
I would need to login to your account to see if I can reproduce it on your side, is that okay with you?

Yeah sure, it’s fixed now though… I didn’t do anything to fix it either

Hi @Kasper_Hopman, at the end I did not log into your account to check on this, as our developers are suspecting a driver issue behind this.
Could you please send me a screenshot of your “About This Mac” window?
You can reach this by clicking on the apple logo on the top left corner.

Thanks, @Kasper_Hopman, I’ve forwarded this case to our developers, they will look into what can be the cause of this issue. Until then, please let us know if you experience this problem again.