Presentations not downloading in Prezi next

I have an EDU Plus account and I wanted to download my presentation to Prezi Next, but I always get the message that downloading is failed and I have to try again later. It’s already doing this since the beginning of my subscription on 30 September 2019.

Hello @Adrienn_Baan, could you please make sure there are no firewall or adblock settings in your computer that could the blocking the download of the presentations?

I can download all presentations exept one since yesterday

me to pleaese help.I am afraid I Can not present it or download it

Hi @Rndood_Sweet, could you please send us your system specifications (Windows/Mac, OS) so we could further investigate?

it is mac os

Hi @Rndood_Sweet, is it this presentation? We’re investigating the issue.

yes it is…

Thank you @Rndood_Sweet, we are investigating the issue now, I’ll get back to you as soon as I know more.

I am on a Windows PC and having this same issue but only on some of my Prezis, there are a handful that are fine but most won’t download. My IT team can’t see issues and others within the company aren’t having this issue either. Please help!

Hello @Brandon_Stone, we have investigated your account and we were able to download all the presentations without any issues? Is the problem still going on?

Hope to hear from you soon!

I don’t know what you did but it’s fixed! Thank you!

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Hello @Brandon_Stone, I am glad the issue is now resolved :slight_smile:

I am on a Windows PC too and having this same issue. Some presentations do not download…

Hello @11182, could you please send us a screenshot with the error message so we can investigate it? :slight_smile:

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This is the message that pops up… :frowning:

Hello @11182, thank you so much! Could you also please send a view link for one of these presentations? :slight_smile:

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