Presenter Notes are picking up keyboard shortcuts (1, 2, 3)

Hi there all:

Please don’t merge this topic if possibe, thank you. I want it to be addressed by the community, since so far I haven’t found Prezi Support to be helpful with this issue. I brought this to their attention, and they failed to grasp it.

So this applies to keyboard shortcuts (left right arrows and numbers 1, 2, 3) in Prezi Video on the Plus plan which includes Presenter Notes (which is why I upgraded). On my mac.

  1. I can’t use the left and right arrows for moving thru my slides because they’re captured by the presenter’s notes window! No arrows! It’s hopeless! Wherever I click in the the PV app, there’s no arrows for moving thru slides! I can’t exit the presenter notes to use the kb shortcuts

  2. Where’s the clock I’m supposed to have when I upgrade to PLUS? No sign of it.

  3. I just discovered that the number shortcuts (1,2,3) ALSO end up in the presenter’s notes.

  4. EVEN IF I HIT “NEXT” AND “PREVIOUS” in the VIEW dropdown menu, it still interacts with the NOTES section.

Anyone here on a Mac using Presenter Notes in the app? Can you use your shortcuts after typing a note?

Thanks for your assistance.

best wishes,

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one workaround for this is to open the notes in their own window :slight_smile:

Hi @Ralf_Humphries, thanks for reporting this issue and thanks for the workaround you have provided here. I have forwarded this to our developers so they can check on it.

Could you please specify a bit more what do you mean by the clock that you are looking for?

hi Bart:

The clock is the “helpful timer” mentioned here as part of the PLUS upgrade:

It does not appear in my app anywhere.

best wishes, Ralf

Hi @Ralf_Humphries, please note that the Presenter View is available in our Prezi Present product, you can use it the following way.