Presenter Notes available for printing?


Is there a way to print the Presenter Notes in Prezi Classic or Prezi Next?
It is extremely helpful during presentations when you have multiple people in your group presenting providing the transition between person to person when speaking!

If it is not available, please consider adding this feature in a future upgrade as Microsoft PowerPoint allows this functionality today!

Thank you!



@John_Pondelicek Currently the only workaround is to create screen shots of the notes or to copy all of text to a document that you can print.

The speakers notes were meant to be displayed on the presenter’s screen while the projected screen only shows the presentation itself.

However, your feedback is much appreciated and will be forwarded to our development team. Thank you.


For visually impaired students, or students who have special education plans, a printed copy of a Prezi is almost required. Please continue to consider adding this feature.


@Stacey_Gleason Printing the presentation is already possible with the PDF export feature but we understand that printing the presenter notes as well would be very useful indeed and we are forwarding this request to the development team.


Hi there, I also can’t believe that printing the presenter notes isn’t an option yet. Any facilitator that I hire expects a pack with the slides and presenter notes attached. Not being able to print that off of prezi creates a lot of extra work and quite frankly, all the fancy designs and animations do not make up for that I am afraid.



When presenting a Prezi it would be helpful to not have to have the presenter notes in front of the presentation. Also if I am using my iPad to do a presentation i cant have the presenter notes up because they hinder the presentation. Even if I am doing a PreziLive Presentation the notes are in front of the presentation and I usually have to scroll through them. Having a printable version is much more ideal.


Thank you for the feedback, @Brett_Rotelli. We have merged your question to an existing topic, that way it is easier for us to report ideas to the product team and for them to see the user requests.


It is fine that you merged it but this ticket has been open for about a year, when does a developer actually look to decide on this?


@Brett_Rotelli, I am afraid I cannot provide a time estimate.