Presenter Notes available for printing?

This has been nearly 2 years now and no development of the ability to export notes. For a pretty expensive membership not being able to export the notes for presentation support is not worth the money to have fancier graphics. It would be useful to know this is being worked on not just feedback provided.


Hi trying to find a way to export presenter notes, either on their own or alongside the presentation.

Similar to what you would do in powerpoint for a hard copy back up and offline practice

any thoughts?

Hello @Carolyn_Gullery, currently it is not possible to export presenter notes unfortunately. As a workaround I would suggest saving screenshots or copying the text into a separate document.

Thanks Sara, shame it has not been actioned after all the requests. even making them view able on the remote screen might be of use

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Hello @Carolyn_Gullery I apologize for the inconvenience and will forward your feedback to the appropriate team.

I agree. At this point, there is absolutely no value in putting presenter notes in the presentation. I’ll have to take the screenshots of the relevant information, put it in powerpoint and create a notes book for my own presentation. Too bad there seems to be no desire to make this feature available anytime soon. Not having this simple feature certainly diminishes the value of the annual license for prezi.

Maybe we all deserve a discount?

I will not be renewing just for this reason…come on 2 years and no progress?

I just found this out because my client required these notes to be available.

When are you going to listen to the customers?

Hello everyone, thank you for your valuable feedback. We channel each of these to the corresponding teams, however this feature is currently not on our roadmap. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing, but please note that all the feature requests are considered and discussed so they can be integrated in our roadmap.


This is a relatively simple enhancement and would have a major impact on the usability of your product. How can we get this prioritized in your backlog?

Hello @Lin_Lavalle, I will reach out to our Product team and let you know about any updates regarding this feature!

Very sad that Prezi is not willing or able to offer the possibility of printing the presenter’s notes. Taking screenshots as only hint since 2017 is not really customer service, as we think About introducing Prezi as better product than Power Point to present at School exams, we Need this tool.
It is not satisfying at all that you are not introducing this.

By “copy” do you mean literally type out everything that has been added in the presenter view boxes? Because I can’t make the typical copy/paste function work at all. So not only can I not print it, I can’t get it out of there without retyping it? Come on. What a waste of time. And why isn’t the presenter view available in Prezi Video? I spent time entering that text in Prezi Next only to learn that I couldn’t record a video in Prezi Next. Okay, back to the online version… where I can record a video, but can’t access my presenter notes. Seems very disjointed and not at all thought through from a user perspective. If I’m presenting a webinar, not being able to access any notes is unrealistic.

Hey @Melanie_Lambert I’ve checked and was able to copy the notes from the Presenter Notes window - make sure to select each text with Ctrl + A (or Cmd+A on Mac) then copy and paste it, it should work.

Regarding the Notes availability in Prezi Video, can you better explain how you’d wish to have this feature? Our developers are very open to hear more on how this could be implemented :slight_smile:

New here, but after reading how many and how long people have been asking for this feature and remembering that each person that posts represents a larger number that wouldn’t bother to do so, I am unsure why this would not be considered as a core feature in the product. Most successful companies provide the product their customers. I really like the product, yet as a perpetual subscription, it stands to reason that the customer base should have some say in the direction of their continued investment. I want the success of your company as much as you do. There will be considerable time invested in it’s proprietary file structure moving across from other products, and if it goes the way of Google Plus… well, we all lose. Please reconsider.

Hello @Mark_Sohm, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! Besides this, is there any other feature requests you might have?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Is there a way to print the Presenter Notes in Prezi Present ? I can’t seem to fing any update on this topic.

It wouls be so helpful for me during preparation of my presentations. Thanks!

Hello @Portail_VIH_sida_du, I merged your post with the relevant thread. It’s currently not possible to export Presenter Notes, but I would recommend you to check this workaround.

Hope it could help!

Hi @Sam, @Catarina, and the good folks at Prezi.
Here’s a screenshot of me exporting a Keynote slide deck and selecting the presentation notes to be exported with the slides into a PDF. That’s the slides and the presentation notes into the exported PDF together. That’s very useful for my students. The slides and the presenter’s notes in one PDF doc. Apple Keynote has that export feature, and so does MS PowerPoint. We hope that feature is developed and made available soon.

Hi @Benjamin_Gromicko, thanks for the suggestion, I’m forwarding it to our product team. :slight_smile: