Presenter Notes available for printing?

Hi Sam,

After 5yrs and this feature is still not available, I must agree with the rest of the community here that it is an appalling indictment of your development process, priorities, and commitment to customers.


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Hello @Daniel_Sim, thanks a lot for sharing your input with us. We’re not planning on building this feature in the near future because we have to prioritise our resources and unfortunately can’t do it all.

However, we have have shared some workarounds in this thread that might work for you, meanwhile.

Please, let us know if you have further questions!

Apparently, Prezi is designed to only print the slides. I need to print not only the slides but the presenter notes. The pdf download is only the slides. Help?

Hello @Wallace_Nichols, I’ve merged your post with the relevant thread.

Thank you for your feedback. Please note that we currently do not offer printable presenter notes as it is not a feature we have right now. I’ll forward your report to our development team.

Could you please check our workarounds?

I appreciate the workarounds link. I’ve already thought of those. I would NOT have made the purchase of Prezi had I known how limited the resources were. I was led to believe that Prezi was an improvement on PowerPoint. Experience has shown that, while it is different and web-based, it is decidedly not better.

Hi @Wallace_Nichols, we are grateful for expressing your feedback and thoughts on this.

We understand how building this feature would add a lot to Prezi and your work. We’ll absolutely make sure the product team gets your feedback. Please let us know of any other requests you might have now—we’re here to listen!

Adding my vote to this one as well. A massive weakness in the software.

I’d like this feature also.

ditto - I’d find this hugely helpful (indeed necessary)

I don’t think you are understanding the importance of this. This is an accessibility issue per the Americans with Disabilities Act, (Guidance on Web Accessibility and the ADA |
We understand that you are not an American company and do not receive US federal funding but many of us here are university instructors/educators and ALL American colleges and universities and public elementary and secondary schools receive federal funding. This means that if we cannot give our students access to the notes/transcript we are out of compliance and are taking a risk when using Prezi. Point being, get with the program or we can’t use your’s.

Yes, seeing the notes from your phone that you are using as a remote would be extremely useful! Otherwise we are tethered to our laptop, which seems to be the opposite of what Prezi is about!

Scroll this thread, it started in 2017. Prezi administration is not interested in customer feedback. Had to move on to something more professionally oriented. Actions not words, people. That’s all we need to know. Move on and stop waiting on this company. Unless you like lighting your money on fire.