Presenter notes change with animations

Is there a way to get my notes to change with my animations? in my presentation overview, I have pictures appear through animation that I would like to talk about but instead of a new space for notes appears for these animations the notes sections for the initial overview remains. I can put all of my notes there but it is difficult to scroll down and talk without losing my place? I get a new space to place notes when I enter into a topic but when I come back out of it, it’s the same notes from the beginning. If I want to add new notes, I have to place a marker to let myself know I’m supposed to be in a new section then scroll down to it because it not only returns to my opening notes but then scrolls it back up to the top of those notes. I need a new open slate for notes with each animation. How do I do that?

Hi @Kiersten_Farmer, if I understood correctly you would like to have new presenter notes with every animation in your presentation. This is not possible, I’m afraid, as the notes are linked to topics and subtopics. You can try to segment more your presentation using more subtopics or topics so you get more possibilities for presenter notes.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile: