Presenter notes have word limit in Windows but not Mac

Hello, I have been using Prizi video on my Mac and enjoy the Presenter notes feature when recording, on the Mac the is no word or character limit for the presenter notes. However, when I use the windows version I am limited to a specific number of words/characters. I use prezi video to record lectures for the course I teach, so for some slides I need to talk more and therefore require longer notes. How do I fix this problem. Why is there a cap on length for windows but not a mac?

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Hi @jeremy_law, thanks for reporting this, I’ve forwarded it to our developers.

As a workaround, until this is solved I would suggest you record your video over your Mac.

Thank you , unfortunately that is not always possible.
I have been using Prezi video nearly daily during lockdown as I am a University lecturer. It has been a great tool for delivering online seminars on zoom or pre recorded lecturers . Currently I am keeping a word doc open in a separate window and scrolling through it as a record, it works, but having it all in one window would be best.
I look forward to future updates. best

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Hi @jeremy_law, thanks for the feedback, our developers are checking this already. :slight_smile: