Presenter notes on offline presentation

I need to take my prezi presentation on USB and use it ofline. All is well except :frowning: it does not show my presenter notes. Please I would need help with this asap

Hello @Kaisa_Rajala, the presenter notes feature is currently only available when using the Prezi Next desktop application. When using the app you can also present offline, however if you export the presentation you will not be able to see the notes unfortunately. I apologize for any inconvenience and will forward your request to our developers.


Thanks for answering. How can I send my prezi so that it has presenter notes? I mean now if I share/ make a link and copy it the presentation does not show notes? Thanks for helping, I have my dissertation i na day and need this so much :slight_smile:


Hello @Kaisa_Rajala, it is not possible to share the presentation with the presenter notes unfortunately, as the notes are only visible when opening the presentation in the desktop application. As a workaround I would suggest taking screenshots of the notes or sharing them in a separate document.

How does that help? I mean I have to present on a podium and need to see my notes? If I open them in a different file if shows to audience as well???As it is official event someone else then me will open my presentation for me. This is a normal procedure in congresses and so on, so you must have a way to present with notes. Since If I understand right desktop application would need me to log to my account?

If you don’t have this I must address that as an issue of top most importance, I mean since its a program one pays for to be able to have better presentations and often you don’t present from your own computer it sounds really weird that in a big conference etc you can’t have your notes when presenting.

Kaisa Rajala


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Hello @Kaisa_Rajala, yes, you would need to log into your account using the desktop application to be able to use the presenter notes feature. I will pass on your feedback to our developers and am very sorry about any inconvenience.

On my PC I have successfully exported and used the standalone Prezi file for my presentation. Given questionable Internet connectivity, I would like to continue using this method for my next public talk. I would like to have access to Presenters mode when using the exported, standalone file. Is this possible?

Hello @Mark_Hartsuyker, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

This feature is not available with a portable presentation, but we’ll send your suggestion to our Product team.

Currently, the only workaround is to create screenshots of the notes or copying all the text to a document that you can print.