Presenter notes on remote device

Hi @Ignacio_Cruz

Thank you for the input; we have recorded your feedback, which was passed along to the Product team.

Are there any updates on this? It would be a very helpful feature and add to the conversational style of the presentation to be able to use the phone as a remote and see the notes from the phone, allowing a person to walk around while they present.

You just keep saying that you will pass the feedback along but nothing has changed? That’s not super helpful.

Hello @Stacey_Nye, there is no news about this idea.

We will update this thread if we have anything to share.

Not having this feature, nor the ability to directly print presenter notes, is a major flaw in the system. I am enjoying using the software, but my ability to present it while walking around the room is severely hampered by this. Given that these topics have been suggested numerous time, I cannot understand why it hasn’t been updated.

Scroll this thread, it started in 2019. Prezi administration is not interested in customer feedback. Had to move on to something more professionally oriented. Actions not words, people. That’s all we need to know. Move on and stop waiting on this company. Unless you like lighting your money on fire.