Presenter notes position vs webcam

In presenter view, it is very nice when your notes are physically as close as possible to your webcam, so that your audience feels like you look at them.

In comparison, MS PPT has this feature where the notes window is flush to the upper border of the screen when doing Picture-In-Picture presentation.

Would this be possible in Prezi ?

Hi @Julien_P, are you using Prezi Present or Prezi Video for your projects?

If you would use Prezi Video for your online presentations then you should be able to see the presenter notes right under your webcam.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Bart,
Thank you very much for this quick reply,
I didn’t try with Video yet but I’ll surely do.
Thanks a lot for the advice!


@Bart @Julien_P - I have found this to be very helpful in Prezi video…One suggestion though: increase the width (or make it customizable) of the notes window. It is very narrow for some reason so you need to handle a mouse and scroll down while attempting to maintain fluidity in delivery. Default setting to have it be as wide as Prezi Video viewer window while you are delivering would be super helpful.