Presenter notes via mobile device

Love the idea of using my phone or a tablet to present via a projector… and the feature is unfortunately useless to me if I can’t see my presenter notes. I’m also a little sad that I’m being made to pay extra for the simple feature of having presenter notes at all.

Please let the powers that be know that being able to see the presenter notes on a mobile device (iphone) would be fantastic… and in my mind is vital. Currently I’m having to either stay tethered to my laptop’s presenter notes or fumble with a paper print out of the notes that correlate with each node.

If I’m missing something and there is indeed a way to have access to presenter notes in this way… please advise.


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Hi @Gregory_Kellett, thanks for your feedback regarding the presenter notes.
Currently this feature is not available in our product, but I will pass along your request to our product team so they can check on it.

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I have the same request about presenter notes on mobile devices. I like to teach using my iPad, and would love to be able to have both my notes and my presentation viable on the tablet. I understand that getting this to work in the app may require a lot of work. Might I suggest that a work around might be to enable multitasking on tablets? I use an iPad Pro, and most apps allow me to open the native iOS Notes app along the side. The Prezi Viewer app blocks this feature. If you enabled multitasking I could have both my presentation and my notes viewable at the same time.

Hey @Mike_Mazza thanks for the suggestion, I’ve forwarded it to our product team :slight_smile:

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