Presenter View without preview

I can see the presenter notes but the preview is black even with the sample Prezi GET STARTED presentation.

I created my own presentation and it was OK for the first 10 slides but it went black afterward. .

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I am having the same issue. I have used Prezi for over a year now, and this is a new problem!

Hello @Cesar_Kwan and @Cindy_Lapp, to better help you, please give us more details about the issue that you have encountered. It would be very helpful if you provided:

  • a screenshot of the problem and/or quote of any error message (esp. the cryptic error codes and technical details)
  • the version of the desktop application that you are using
  • the operating system that you are running on your computer

As a workaround, I would recommend using the online editor in your browser. Open the presentation and click on the Presenter notes icon in the upper-right corner of the editor.

I hope to hear from you soon. :smile:

I have raised a ticket for this problem.
Online Presenter view has no problem, I will use it as a workaround.

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Hey, this issue has been reported to our developers’ team, thank you for reporting this.

As soon as we have any news I’ll update this post!

Presenter notes problem. I can’t see the main slide - it is blacked out!

Hello @Sengole_Gnanaraj, could you please attach a screenshot of the issue? Which product are you using, Prezi Present or Prezi Video?

Hello Is there a way you can help. I think, prezi needs to update on many of the problems we encounter. It is time to switch over to another platform!!

Hello @Sengole_Gnanaraj. Thanks for the screenshot.
Are you presenting with the browser or desktop app?
Could you send me the link of the presentation so I can check it?

I use on browser. Ipad app doesn’t even have presenter notes option.

Hello @Sengole_Gnanaraj, I have checked on my end, and I can successfully load the presenter view.

Could you please try to access it in a different browser or in an incognito window?

I guess, prezi is not combatible with Safari! I use chrome.

Incognito doesn’t work either.

Thanks, @Sengole_Gnanaraj for the details, unfortunately, it is not clear to me if it works in Chrome or not.
In case it still does not work could you please try to load your presentation on a different network just to see if that helps?