Presenter View without the App

Hello. I’ve been using Prezi for a few years now and have loved seeing the evolution of this product, but the recent change in feature structures behind tiered pay walls has made it difficult for me to use the product everywhere I need to.

I will be teaching a new class in Feb and learned that I will not be able to connect my laptop or install the Prezi Next app on the local computer in the classroom that feeds into the projector. So, not only can I not use my Prezi Next app to present directly, I cannot download the Prezi as a portable version…because the app is necessary for this function as well. You may be saying, “No problem, friend. Just present from the browser.” The problem is, Presenter view is only available through the app. I specifically purchased an upgraded license for that function, but now it’s becoming a problem.

In an effort to find a solution, I came to understand that Prezi no longer allows the exporting of a Prezi as PPT and the alternative (exporting as PDF and copying each page individually) is archaic. While I can appreciate the business sense to limit portability so as to keep customers engaged with the product, this is causing a very specific problem in my little corner of the world. And, from an hour of internet crawling, I see this is a major contention with others as well.

How can I use Presenter View without access to the Prezi Next app? Or, how can I export my Prezi Next to a PPT/Google Slide so it can be used for this course, under these limited circumstances?

Thank you in advance for the quick reply. My renewal is approaching and a reasonable solution will determine if I stay or just rebuild everything I have on a platform that is less restrictive.

Hello @Justin_Kagan, we are very sorry for this unfortunate situation. Even though you can use the portable presentation files on any computer without the app, it is true that the Presenter View can only be accessed from the application which can cause difficulties in educational settings where an own computer cannot be used and no apps can be installed on local devices.

I’ll make sure to pass on your request to the development team as I understand that even though most students and teachers use their own computers when presenting, it might not be possible in some cases and being able to access the presenter notes would still be essential. Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience.