Presenting a complex Prezi in Prezi video

I’ve been using Prezi Video to present complex Prezi’s in videoconferences.
And I love it and so does the audience.

I’m controlling the prezi with the Prezi video desktop app, clicking on the 3 buttons to switch between my view, the mixed view or only the slide and moving back and forth with the arrow buttons.
I can also use my keyboard to control the prezi. The left and right arrow key for back and forth and 1,2 or 3 for the 3 different views.

Is there a keyboard shortcut or button, or is it coming in the Prezi Video desktop app, to also go up one level in the prezi or to go back home from anywhere in the presentation?
(hallelujah this button has arrived from Prezi Classic to Prezi next, can you please also bring it to Prezi video now?)
Without it, conversational presenting is very challenging in these times of mandatory conference calls.

Hello @Paul_Naveau, thank you so much for sharing these recommendations, we will forward it to the Product team and update you if there any developments :slight_smile:

Hi Catarina, actually i found that moving up 1 level does work in Prezi video! Zooming in worked through clicking on the topics in the prezi video remote control window, zoom out works in the prezi video remote control window simply by scrolling: using the mouse or touchpad on the laptop.

A “home” button to return instantly all the way to the start would still be useful of course :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe you can add these ways of controlling the Prezi video to the help section.

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Thanks a lot @Paul_Naveau, these are great tips, and I’ve already sent it to our Content team :slight_smile:

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