Presenting on a phone/tablet

Hello @Adam_Norris, you’ll have to click on the Offline icon under the presentation’s thumbnail to turn offline mode off. Then you’ll only be able to view the presentation when you have Internet connection.

HI Sara, when I click the offline icon, Prezi begins downloading the presentation again.

Any thoughts?



Adam Norris

Hello @Adam_Norris, in this case most likely the presentation was not in offline mode. When it is downloaded in the Viewer App you should see it at the top of your presentations list and by clicking on the Offline icon you can switch between offline and online modes. Alternatively, I would suggest reinstalling the application on your phone. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

Why if I connect my iPad with an external monitor or a TV via HDMI, prezi viewer output does not fill the entire display area?

This problem does not occur using the complete Prezi Next application on a MacBook.


Hey @Rosa_Albrizio, if you share your iPad, unfortunately, it will not have the same aspect ratio as your computer will. To my knowledge, this issue is not exclusive to Prezi but rather related to the different ratio tablets use compared to laptops.

hola! como desactivo el “visor ligero” de Prezi al visualizar en un navegador de celular?

Hello @Eliana_Cardenas_Orel, no es posible desactivar el “visor ligero” en el navegador de su celular, pero recomendamos que utilice nuestra aplicación Prezi Viewer :slight_smile: Puede consultar más informaciones sobre como instalarla y utilizarla aquí.


J’ai créé ma présentation parfaitement sur Prezi, quand je partage le lien de visionnage, les gens qui l’ouvre sur ordinateur peuvent voir la présentation parfaitement… Mais pour les autres qui ouvre la présentation sur smartphone ne peuvent pas la voir… Pourquoi ? C’est un énorme souci pour moi et ma société, puisque 80% de nos clients doivent ouvrir la présentation des smartphone, merci d’avance pour votre réponse rapide…


I created my presentation perfectly on Prezi, when I share the viewing link, people who open on the computer can see the presentation perfectly … But for others who open the presentation on smartphone can not see the. Why? It is a huge concern for me and my company, since 80% of our customers must open the presentation of the smartphone, thank you in advance for your quick response …

Felix Guerini

Felix Guerini

Hello @Felix_Guerini, I merged your post with the relevant thread. In order to be able to view the presentations in a mobile device, we recommend to use the Prezi Viewer app.

Could you please tell us which browser are the customers using to try to open the presentations?

Hope to hear from you soon!

does direct clicking on topics work in the app only? on the mobile site doesn’t work?

Hello @julia_grandizoli, the presentations are optimized to be presented through the application :slight_smile:

Hi Prezi People, l am a grandparent in Australia working with my grandson aged 8. I am supporting his online learning during the ongoing Covid 19 lockdown. His teacher has sent us an untitled Prezi
Myself and several others with iPads can open the link but it is not interactive as it should be. I have tried several browsers including including Firefox, Safari and Chrome, without success. Others with non Apple tablets do not have the same problem. I would be most grateful if you could assist in resolving this problem. Kind regards, Quentin

Hi @Quentin_Addison, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
Could you tell me what is the version of your iOS on the iPad Pro device?
I would recommend you to install the Prezi Viewer application from the Apple Store which is designed to open and play presentations on iOS mobile devices.

I am an elementary educator who created a student-interactive Prezi presentation to share with my K-5 students and their families. Most of those families have use of iPads (both school-issued and family-owned). Our school district also has a private “app store” which contains Prezi Viewer, and students are free to download that app in order to view Prezi presentations on their school-issued iPads. My question is, what is the best way to deliver the “view” link to students so that they can view the presentation on their mobile devices? A number of students don’t really have a school-issued email address. Do students/families have to actually set up a Prezi account in order to view my Prezi? It would be easier if they didn’t have to go through the “registration” step. Please advise ASAP.

I know that, on one of our home iPads here at my house, I was able to download and install the Viewer app — but NOT log into Prezi — and then once I tapped on a “view” link I had emailed to myself, the Prezi automatically opened up in the unlogged-into Viewer app, So that seemed to work. But again, I’m having to work on the premise that at least some students won’t be able to have their parents forward them the link in an email. What do I do to overcome that hurdle?

Hello @Mike_Hoye, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Although we recommend to use the Prezi Viewer application for best viewing, you can also open the view link through a mobile browser which will open a simplified version of our viewer :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!

I need a Preiz presenation that works on an iPad Pro. But the dimensions are off and I have an ugly black border on the top and bottom of the screen. Is there any way to change the presentation format?

Hello @Nina_Wolfsberger, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Are you using the Prezi Viewer application to present?

Yes, I am using the Prezi viewer app but still have these black borders on top and bottom.

Hello @Nina_Wolfsberger, sorry for the late reply! Could you please send a screenshot of the page you see when you click on Present (play button)?